Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bra Saves Lost Hiker

Jessica Brown, an American hiker, had fallen of a ledge in the Austrian Alps and was stranded injured for 70 hours in freezing conditions. She was saved after she flung her bra on a container carrying food supplies as it passed by her.

Mountain rescue teams had been looking for her in the wrong place and gave up the search because they believed she'd fallen to her death.

But Jessica spotted a cable car on its way up the mountain in Salzburg and quickly flung her bra into a container carrying food as it passed her.

Workers higher up the peak realised the undies must have been thrown in as a message and sent out a search party.

"It certainly beats sending up a flare," said one rescue worker.

The woman is now recovering in a hospital

I've always said bras are life savers, but no one believed me.


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