Thursday, June 12, 2008

Danish Students Banned From Facebook For Eating A Cat

A bunch of Danish students got their Facebook accounts suspended for posting images of themselves cooking and eating a feline. They say their actions were a way to attract attention to the way pigs and cattle are raised for their meat, yet the animal rights lobby condemned their method. Here's what one of the cat-eaters, Laura Bøge Mortensen, had to say:

"It's hypocritical for us to spend thousands on our pets, yet buy the cheapest pork from Netto that comes from pigs that have lived a horrid life. And just why is it that it's worse to eat a cat than a pig?"

Even so, she admitted it was hard to ingest an animal normally considered a pet:

"We had to count to three before we sat down to eat, and I wouldn't really say that we stuffed our face. Everyone did take a bite though," she said, before revealing the taste was "a little like chicken, with an aftertaste of fur".

Chicken, you say? I like chicken. Fried, especially. Hmmm, now where did my cat go? Heeeere kitty, kitty, kitty, here kitty. Dad, preheat the oil!


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venom8spidey said...

When your nine lives run out "bloke" you'll be the one in hot water.

Elma Gonzales said...

I agree with the Danish students. If you are gonna be kind to pets, be kind to ALL animals. If you are gonna slaughter animals for food, then slaughter ALL animals for food.