Monday, June 23, 2008

Man Offers His Entire Life On eBay

Ian Usher, a 44 year old British citizen living in Australia has put his entire life on eBay and has attracted £1 million in bids.

The man is selling his home in Perth, a trial for his job, his car, jet ski, motorbike and even introductions to his friends.

He decided to put his entire life up for sale after a painful divorce which he says left him wanting a fresh start.

The auction runs until Sunday 29 June, and Ian says that - so far - he believes that the bids are genuine.

"I feel pretty good, shell-shocked really," he said. "It's going much better than I'd anticipated."

Ian, originally from Darlington, moved to Australia six years ago but his dream life soured when he and his wife, Laura, decided to separate.

I wish him luck with his new life. I wonder what my life would fetch on eBay? I would settle for much less than million pounds, but I'll probably get a quarter and a chewed pice of gum.


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