Friday, July 4, 2008

George Washington's Boyhood Home Discovered

And just in time for Independence Day!

The house of a young George Washington is seen in an illustration as it may have looked in 1738, when the Washingtons first moved in.

Archaeologists have identified the foundations and cellars of the first American president's boyhood home at Ferry Farm in Virginia, as well as about half a million artifacts from the setting of the famous cherry tree story. (Read the full story.)

The house—"a fairly common English building with some regional variations"—was one and a half stories, the "half" being a furnished attic with dormer windows, said Philip Levy, a University of South Florida historian who helped oversee the excavation.

The team plans in coming years to replicate the house and landscape surrounding the Washington residence.

Discovering George Washington's house is good and all, but when will the unearth Fred Flintstone's home?

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