Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mosquito Corpses Part Of Promotion Plan.

When you think you've seen everything in the world of promotions and advertising, something like this comes up.

A Chinese man who set up an online business selling dead mosquitoes says he's received 10,000 orders in just two days.

Nin Nan, of Shanghai, came up with the idea of selling mosquitoes he killed to attract visitors to his online jewellery shop.

Nin sells his mosquito corpses for six yuan - about 45p - each. His ad reads: "Truly killed by human hands. Can be used for science studies, decoration, and collection."

He says that his shop registered 250,000 hits and he received more than 10,000 orders for dead mossies within two days of posting the ad on various forums.

I wonder if I could think of a similar promotion plan? Anyone up for buying some hand-killed cockroaches? They're straight from the sewers! No? Oh, well.


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