Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tower Bridge Replica Made Out Of 1.6million Matches

A man has spent ten years building a replica of Tower Bridge out of 1.6million matches - two years longer than the real thing.

Michael Williams crafted the 6ft-long structure every evening over a decade and it now has 156 working lights.

The replica of the real London landmark, which is 800ft long, has two household bulbs lighting up the two towers, and an illuminated 52 gun galleon underneath.

Mr Williams said: "Most of my friends think I'm barmy. They call me Mad Mike. But everyone who sees it is stopped in their tracks."

Mr Williams, who is not married, spent three to four hours a day working on the model until he finally finished it last month.

Well obviously he's not married. A woman would've either divorced him or burned that thing to ashes.

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