Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The French Are The Worst Tourists In The World

You would've expected the Americans to be considered the worst tourists, yet it's the french that have taken the lead:

… the study also describes the voyageur français as often unwilling or unable to communicate in foreign languages, and particularly disinclined to spend money when they don’t have to — including those non compris tips. Overall, French travelers landed 19th out of 21 nations worldwide, far behind the first-place Japanese, considered the most polite, quiet and tidy. Following the Japanese as most-liked tourists were the Germans, British and Canadians. Americans finished in 11th place alongside the Thais.

The French can't be that bad as tourists, can they? I mean if they happen to commit a crime they will be quick to surrender to the local police, right? Ok, that was lame, I'm sorry.


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